Tropos Records. Review of vinyl releases.

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In this episode OMFO and I are reviewing some of our newest releases done specially for our Tropos Records project. How we decided to start? Why we chose vinyl? What are these recordings? We will cover these topics in this video.
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The Bitcoins of Tea - What makes Pu-erh cakes so exceptional? Weichen and Dima

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What do Pu-erh cakes and Bitcoin have in common? At first sight, it’s not much. At second sight... still not much. Except that in 2001, Bitcoin wasn’t worth anything, just like some teas. Had you invested in Bitcoin in the early 2010s you would have bee a millionaire already. But did you know it’s the same with tea? The most expensive tong (7 cakes - 2060g) of Pu-erh from the early 1900’s sold for an astonishing amount of 1.7 million USD! At over 820 dollar a gram, a pot would have set you back almost 6 thousand dollars!
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The ABC of Tea: Tea Ceremony

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In this episode of The ABC of Tea we’ll be delving into the topic of tea ceremony. What’s a tea ceremony? What’s the difference between a proper way of brewing and a more ceremonial style? What are the functional aspects of tea ceremony and how can it change your life? Let’s see and find out!
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The ABC of Tea: Green Tea

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:20 Myths about green tea
00:02:17 What is Anji Bai Cha?
00:03:33 Is green tea good for losing weight?
00:04:58 Which tea wakes you up?
00:05:35 The technology of making green tea
00:06:30 The importance of freshness of the tea
00:07:25 How green tea is grown?
00:08:15 Some more words about green tea technology
00:09:12 The most popular Chinese tea – Mao Feng
00:09:55 What is Matcha tea?
00:12:33 What affects the properties of tea?
00:14:17 Aged green teas
00:14:52 Conclusion

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Stone forest - Yunnan 云南昆明

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A short video tour to the "Stone forest" of Yunnan a beautiful and unique place.
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Tea, aesthetics and fashion | What do our teaguides think of tea? | Masha

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Let’s talk with Masha about the highlights of tea culture from a different perspective: how does tea influence the beautiful and aesthetic part of our lives?
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