The Tea Culture Club is the first of it's kind in the Netherlands bringing (Asian) Tea Culture to Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Europe!

Our Space

What is a tea culture club?

With 12 years of experience, 24 tea culture clubs all over the world and 250+ directly sourced teas, we have one of the biggest tea selections in Europe, while remaining completely honest and transparent about our direct ties with farmers.

So, we don’t buy from wholesalers, so there’s no middleman and all of our trade is directly with the people who make the teas!

We have teas from 13 countries (China, Taiwan, Japan, Russia and The Netherlands, just to name a few) and a lot of unique herbal-berry mixes.

At our tea club, you can smell, see and experience all of the teas you will find on our website 


Our teaware collection (Gong Fu Cha teaware)

Along with the teas, we also have a large teaware collection with more than 1000 unique items: handmade cups, teapots, gaiwans and anything you need for your own Gong Fu Cha ceremony (including adorable tea pets!).

We have something for each individual because our collection ranges from accessible cups for 65 cents to antique masterpieces for above a thousand euro. Our tea club is also a gallery where you can be for hours, just indulging yourself to the pleasure of the different works of art.



Authentic Chinese Tea Ceremonies

Next to all that, you can experience the fusion of tea, teaware and culture in our Tea Ceremony rooms on the second floor. There are 3 rooms, each with their own look and ambiance: Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese.

You can reserve one of those rooms for a Tea Tasting (Ping Cha) or a Tea Ceremony (Gong Fu Cha) to enjoy the tea on your own, or among friends. One such room can accommodate up to 9 guests.

While attending a Ping Cha, you will learn about the Chinese tea culture and how to best brew these teas. Together with a Tea Guide, you will choose a tea that you would like to drink and infuse throughout the 1,5 hours that will be able to spend in the tea room, around 30 minutes of which will be under guidance.

During the Gong Fu Cha ceremony, our Senior Tea Guide will spend around 1,5 hours with you, giving you a deep dive into Chinese tea culture and submerging you into the relaxing ambiance of tea and everything that surrounds it.



Personal attention & recommendation 

Our Tea Guides are there to provide you with the best experience, answer all of your questions and advise you about our teas and teaware, which is of course also for sale, so you can enjoy delicious tea at home too. 

Along with this, we also have a beautiful, Oriental-living-room style space where you can drink a cup of tea with your friends casually, or enjoy a drink from our tea bar (where we make our delicious Matchaccinos - using our special, directly sourced Matcha, among other artisanal drinks).

Our team hopes to welcome you soon, online or offline. Don’t forget to reserve a tea ceremony via the website, but the tea bar and shop are always free to visit and all of our tea guides are available for personal advice.


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