Are you passionate about tea, hospitality and do find joy in working together to provide that special tea-joyful experience?

Working at Moychay means exposure to a multi-faceted, creative and driven group of passionate tea lovers who delight in sharing a cup of tea and building the tea community in the Netherlands!

Warehouse Associate (Tea Business)

Job Summary: We are seeking a dedicated and detail-oriented Warehouse Associate to join our dynamic tea business. As a Warehouse Associate, you will play a crucial role in maintaining efficient warehouse operations, ensuring accurate inventory management, and facilitating the smooth flow of products from the warehouse to our valued customers. Your exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, and commitment to quality will contribute to the overall success of our tea business.


  1. Receive, inspect, and unload tea shipments, verifying their accuracy and quality.
  2. Conduct thorough inventory checks, ensuring accurate stock levels of teas, packaging materials, and other supplies.
  3. Organize and arrange tea products in the warehouse, optimizing space utilization and maintaining a clean and orderly work environment.
  4. Prepare tea orders accurately and efficiently, including picking, packing, and labeling products for shipment.
  5. Assist in the preparation of tea pre-packs for the tea house by demand.
  6. Maintain accurate records of inventory transactions, such as receipts, returns, and adjustments, using inventory management systems or manual logs.
  7. Collaborate with other team members to coordinate order fulfillment and shipping schedules.
  8. Operate warehouse equipment, such as scale, label printer, and software for receiving/tracking orders, following safety guidelines and protocols.
  9. Perform regular quality checks on tea products to ensure compliance with standards, reporting any discrepancies or issues to the appropriate personnel.
  10. Assist in conducting regular inventory audits to identify and resolve discrepancies, ensuring inventory accuracy.
  11. Maintain a proactive approach to safety by adhering to warehouse safety guidelines, including proper handling of equipment, materials, and products.
  12. Assist in the implementation of warehouse improvement initiatives, such as process optimization, layout changes, or system upgrades.


  1. High school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Proven experience in a similar role, preferably in a warehouse or distribution environment.
  3. Knowledge of tea products and their handling requirements is a plus.
  4. Strong attention to detail and excellent organizational skills.
  5. Ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with team members.
  6. Proficiency in using inventory management systems or the willingness to learn.
  7. Physical fitness and the ability to lift and move heavy objects (up to 20 kilos).
  8. Familiarity with warehouse equipment, such as forklifts and pallet jacks, and the ability to obtain necessary certifications.
  9. Basic computer skills, including knowledge of Google Office Suite.
  10. Flexibility to work in a fast-paced environment and adapt to changing priorities.
  11. Commitment to maintaining a safe working environment and adhering to safety protocols.


We offer competitive compensation as well as opportunities for growth and advancement within our organization.


If you are passionate about tea, have a keen eye for detail, and thrive in a warehouse environment, we invite you to join our team as a Warehouse Associate. Apply now to contribute to the success of our tea business!


Interested in joining the Moychay team?

Send us your motivational letter and CV to annaleona@moychay.nl