Tropos Records. Review of vinyl releases.

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In this episode OMFO and I are reviewing some of our newest releases done specially for our Tropos Records project. How we decided to start? Why we chose vinyl? What are these recordings? We will cover these topics in this video.

Our recordings:

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:19 How we made a decision to create our label?
00:01:03 Our first release. The music of South-East Asia
00:04:16 Why are we focusing on the vinyl?
00:05:26 Our second release, OMFO’s recordings
00:07:44 The third release. Altay traditional music
00:10:07 Our final release. Hyperlistening
00:16:48 Where to find our recordings?
00:17:42 What is the idea and our vision of Tropos project?

Written by Moychay blog
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