The ABC of Tea: Tea Ceremony

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In this episode of The ABC of Tea we’ll be delving into the topic of tea ceremony. What’s a tea ceremony? What’s the difference between a proper way of brewing and a more ceremonial style? What are the functional aspects of tea ceremony and how can it change your life? Let’s see and find out!
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00:00:00 Let’s begin!
00:01:30 What’s an “attentive tea-brewing” How is it different from a ceremony?
00:03:14 Key elements of “attentive brewing”
00:06:35 Why do you need a tea ceremony?
00:08:02 What are the key elements of a proper tea brewing session?
00:13:40 What do you need for a ceremony?
00:14:17 Can you drink tea in the office?
00:15:02 The importance of the proper atmosphere and concentration
00:15:36 How can attentive tea drinking change your life?
00:17:04 Tea and unhealthy habits
00:19:08 What items are required for a proper brew?
00:22:06 What can help you move to a different level of tea hobby?
00:23:42 The importance of aesthetics

Written by Moychay blog
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