The Bitcoins of Tea - What makes Pu-erh cakes so exceptional? Weichen and Dima

What do Pu-erh cakes and Bitcoin have in common? At first sight, it’s not much. At second sight... still not much. Except that in 2001, Bitcoin wasn’t worth anything, just like some teas. Had you invested in Bitcoin in the early 2010s you would have bee a millionaire already. But did you know it’s the same with tea? The most expensive tong (7 cakes - 2060g) of Pu-erh from the early 1900’s sold for an astonishing amount of 1.7 million USD! At over 820 dollar a gram, a pot would have set you back almost 6 thousand dollars!

Luckily, you can still enjoy aged pu-erhs without these astronomical spendings. Watch Weichen and Dima taste and talk about Pu-erhs and hear Weichens stories from Yunnan.

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