Private Matcha Workshop


Matcha is your healthy, energizing and trendy drink for every day 🍵

And we love to share our passion and to tell you all about it’s benefits for your body, next to the fact that it’s a great alternative for coffee in the morning!

Matcha is a real super star of the healthy and mindful lifestyle. You can meet  this bright green superfood everywhere: starting from the matcha lattes in your neighbourhood cafe, to the decorative garnish in molecular gastronomy.

Would you like to  learn and train your matcha-skills with our help? Then we invite you to the private workshop!

We are going to make Matcha with the ‘chasen’ (bamboo whisk) and a chavan, following the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony steps.

You will also learn how to make a perfect foamy matcha latte! 


🍵 What is included?

- Introduction to matcha & its traditional-style preparation

- Trying 2 different matcha grades

- Getting to whisk your own portions of matcha

- Learn how to create some cocktails based on matcha 

- Some very useful tips from us to make the best matcha at home 😍


When: send us your dates and we will organize it!

🍵 Duration: 90 minutes

💰Price: 55 eu per person / 220 eu for a group of 4-6 people. 


* Please send us your requested date for this workshop  in the notes to this order and we will take care of it!

** We offer 15% discount for the Matcha products (chawan, chasen , matcha powder of all grades) in our tea club for the participants of the Private Matcha Workshops!