What is Jianshui teapot?

Jianshui Jitao " 建水紫陶: "坚如铁、明如水、润如玉、声如磬 " (Hard like iron, clear like water, shiny like jade, and sounds like Qin!)🔥

Jianshui teapots are made by hand on potter's wheels, they are not poured into ready-made molds - even cheaper products are made on a wheel. The forms are based on the Isin classic, but in an original interpretation.

The main decoration technique is carving on wet clay and application with clays of different colors. As patterns - natural motifs and ethnic ornaments.

Finished products are fired in modern electric and gas kilns at temperatures up to 1300 ', but there are also existing old dragon kilns

After firing, the teapots are polished to a mirror finish with an arsenal of grinding stones and abrasive paste.

It is this final operation that differs Jianshui teapots from all other styles.

The radiant surface gives them a specific Yunnan flavor that will resonate in the heart of a true puer lover!❤️

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Written by Anna Leona