Our open letter to all tea lovers

Dear community of tea lovers,

In March of 2022, we here at Moychay celebrated our one year anniversary. And what an amazing year it’s been - thanks to all of you! We are growing, our tea community is expanding, and so are our goals and possibilities.

The following email is a thank you, as well as a chance to get to know us a little bit better. It’s been one year - what else can we achieve together?

✨ There’s a little gift for you at the end of this email, so kindly keep reading✨

The following is a list of ways in which we can collaborate and grow together, for the love of tea 🍵


As many of you know, we are not just a tea club. Moychay is an international tea company with our own factories and tea plantations. As of now, we have more than 30 tea stores around the world. Currently, projects in Dubai and Geneva are on their way too. Are you looking to open a tea store or bar in a location of your choosing? Send an email to annaleona@moychay.nl today.


We have tea plantations in Georgia and Thailand as-well as an extended network of more than 700 suppliers around the world. Our dedicated Moychay workers know how to grow, process, export and sell tea. As of now, we can supply close to 400 tons of tea per year. If you or your partners are looking for exclusive teas or raw tea material, send an email to renata@moychay.nl.


Are you a cafe, shop, bakery, yoga studio or any other business venture where customers can enjoy a cup of tea?

Moychay can provide ready-made solutions for your business today - from building a tea assortment, creating tea cards for your target audience, to satisfying your clients with a carefully curated tea selection. We also have a very customer friendly loyalty system for B2B clients. If you are curious about the possibilities of working together in this way, kindly send an email to renata@moychay.nl today!


Do you have a corporate yoga event, IT conference or a meeting with business partners coming up soon? A company-wide conference perhaps? Or a team-building session? A cup of tea is always a great idea!

Our tea master can set up a fully traditional Gong Fu Cha style tea ceremony in a setting of your choosing - either at our tea club or at the convenience of your company location. The tea master will delve deep into tea, the history and traditions of this beverage in China and treats guests with lots of tea.

The tea ceremony is an interactive experience with the full involvement of guests, and is an incredible team bonding experience. The durations of such a ceremony ranges from 1.5-2 hours, with the option to try 4-5 ceremonial grade teas.

If you have an upcoming corporate event, kindly send an email to e@moychay.nl who will help you organize all your tea needs.


If you are a beginner in the vast world of tea, it may be daunting to know where to start. What kinds of tea are out there, and how should you be preparing your tea?

We will organise a tea school guided by our passionate team starting fromt he September. We will notify everyone by a special newsletter! 


Generally speaking, all of our staff members at Moychay are tea ambassadors. But if you are ready and curious to present tea culture for your social media and events under the Moychay brand, we have good news for you. We want more people drinking good tea, meaning we need more people to know about us! If you want to drink tea, talk about tea or to post about tea on your social media accounts - you are the best candidate to become our tea ambassador! Please send an email to renata@moychay.nl to learn more about this option.


Our tea guru and founder, Sergey Shevelev, grew his business thanks to his YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/brainfilter1). In fact, he has the biggest tea dedicated channel on YouTube widely known within Russian speaking communities.

We want to educate our English-speaking audience about tea.If you are a blogger and an expert in lifestyle blogging, mindfulness, meditation and want to collaborate in YouTube vlogs with Sergey Shevelev, kindly send an email to annaleona@moychay.nl!

Thank you for reading this email, we appreciate YOU - a part of our growing tea family! 🍵

If anything listed above resonates with you, feel free to respond to this email. We’re always flexible to work with other ideas too!

Our aim is to grow the tea community within and beyond the Netherlands. That’s why we want to get in touch with everyone who is interested in growing with us. Let’s grow together!

And of course, as promised - we have a gift for you 🎁

With the promo code RED30 you can purchase our red teas with a 30% discount. The offer is valid until July 31th.

Want to hear more from us? We’d like to share more about our journey spreading the love of tea across Europe. If you’d like to be updated on our adventures and more - let us know by responding to this news!

With peace and love and lots of tea,
The Moychay.nl Team

Written by Anna Leona