Moychay online tea school

The new program is designed for 8 lessons, includes theory and practice during classes.

We base our teaching on a unique method of theory from the  “Geography of the Chinese tea” book and practical tastings with a sensory analysis of teas.

The Moychay Tea School is where we train our staff along with individuals who want an introduction to tea or want to improve their knowledge of tea.


The course consists of 8 lessons which will be covered during online 2 hrs meetings. Some additional reading from materials provided prior to the course and a final exam. 

The focus of the course is on the essentials of tea basics(production technology, geography,  brewing), and learning about tea from different parts around the world.

During the onsite classes, participants are invited to practice tea tastings, tea recommendations from the menu, tea service, tea & food pairing suggestions and much more.


The course consists of 8 lessons on Saturday and will start on 11th February.

The dates:

11, 18, 25 February, 4, 11, 18, 25 March and 1 April. 

Each lesson is 2 hr and we will start at 11:00.

You can book separate lessons as well the whole course.


Tea school program

Session 1  - 11 February

"Introduction to Tea". 

This class introduces Camellia sinensis. We will explore the botany of the plant, including the history, varieties, cultivars and cellular chemistry. 


Session 2 - 18 February

The class explores the six stages of tea processing and provides an overview of the six types of tea that come from this single amazing plant.

 Session 3 - 25 February

Introduction class to professional cupping and the sensory evaluation of tea.

Session 4 - 4 March

Geography of Chinese tea. Part 1 . Yunnan and its main counties. 

Session 5 - 11 March

Geography of Chinese tea. Part 2. Fujian.

Session 6 - 18 March

Geography of Chinese tea. Part 3. Taiwan.

Session 7 - 25 March

Wrapping- Up session.

Session 8  - 1 April

Practical and theoretical exam 

Written exam of 30 multiple choice questions as well as tea brewing test.

Upon completion of both written and practical tests, participants receive the certificate.


You can book separate lessons as well the whole course.

Written by Anna Leona