Meet our fresh Georgian tea from own plantations!

We are excited to offer to all tea lovers tea that we created at our new production plant in Ozurgeti. Let us share few words about the production process!

We collect tea from the tea bushes on abandoned plantations and bring wild-growing raw materials from the surrounding mountains. The country’s warm climate in the plains of Guria and its adjoining Adjara and Samegrelo regions are fantastic for tea cultivation.

The leaf is processed according to the technology of Chinese tea, taking into account the climate of Georgia - humidity and temperature. We make tea using equipment from China: we roll it on rollers, roast it on drums. 

In June we made fresh wild green and red tea, as well experimental tea Chao cha, and two varieties from Bakhtadze cultivar.

Slowly we are planning to expand the production to and will delight with farm tea from Georgia!

Written by Anna Leona