Dear tea lovers, meet our new collection of tea and teaware!

Explore our new teas, among which: smoked Lapsang Soushong, new aromatic Gaba oolongs, Indian green and black teas, loose sheng puers and about 10 new herbal blends from Russia!

Tie Guan Yin Ripe Puer
Alishan SHQ
Lugu Dong Ding
Foxy shu puer brick
Mini bing shu puer

New tea:
Krasnodar White tea
Krasnodar Shu puer
10 new herbal loose leaf teas from Russia
Indian green tea
Indian red tea
Lapsang Sushong
South Fujian Oolongs
New Gaba oolongs
Loose sheng puers

New teaware:
Tea caddies in gift packaging
Tea tables (bamboo, handmade, plastic)
Bamboo buckets for excess water
Tea boats (ceramic)
Clay wood fired teapots from Dehua
Wood fired russian teaware
Glass teapots for cooking tea on fire
Sieves for glass teapots

All products are already available on the website, and also in our tea club at Rozengracht 92h, and you are welcome to visit us!



Written by Dmitry Pekov