How can tea help us to better our mental health?

Tea is a tool that helps us to concentrate and put our thoughts in regularity. We taste different flavours, aromas and learn to differ their nuances.

For example, the sort of tea from this video - Nantou Gaba Cha Oolong - has very interesting bouquet of brewed tea. I's fruity, with spice, biscuity, bready, doughey nuances, reminiscent of apricot kernel jam and marmalade. It's aroma is sweet and affectionate, fruity.
It's taste is refined, full-bodied and soft, sweetish, with delicate berry sourness, transforming into refreshing finish.

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Our tea guides will help you immerse yourself in the world of tastes and aromas! Come to our tea Club on Rozengracht 92H in Amsterdam.

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00:00 Greeting
00:16 Amsterdam Tea Club interior
01:00 Tea ceremony
01:00 Tea in Vondelpark
01:20 Fun facts about the park
01:45 Drinking tea outdoors
01:57 Why tea is your good companion
02:25 ‘Pincha’ tea ceremony without tea setting
03:00 Tea as a form of meditation
03:47 History of tea ceremony art
04:08 Your mental state as the main ingredient for tasty tea
04:31 The highest philosophy in routine actions
04:50 Tea ceremony in opposite to chaos in life
05:10 Japanese tea ceremony
06:02 Utensil for tea outdoors
06:17 Light and dark oolongs
06:57 What a teapot is
07:17 ‘Chaban’ or tea desk
07:47 Gaba tea
09:01 The oolong tea aroma
09:20 Summary
09:53 Welcome to MoyChay club
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