Tineke van Gils. Porcelain with Passion.

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00:00:00 Introduction. Having a look at the master’s gallery and collection
00:04:01 Secrets of making a perfect teapot
00:06:30 How teapots are made in China
00:09:17 What makes a perfect teapot lid?
00:11:02 Teapots with translucent cobalt windows
00:11:55 Making ceramics in China using traditional technologies, shapes and decor
00:23:00 Master’s 100 teapots project
00:24:47 The story of the first trip to China
00:26:52 What can be a source of inspiration?
00:34:44 What does participating in an exhibition look like? Having a look at some unique works
00:48:12 Exploring master’s workshop. Mixing traditions with new styles
00:52:50 How Tineke van Gills works. Visiting master’s shop
01:03:25 Drinking tea with the master and listening to her story
01:28:20 The conclusion

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