Alcohol (addiction) and Tea | How to replace a bad habit with a good one?

Alcohol can be part of a fun night out, good vibes with friends or just a taste experience in itself. Sometimes though, it's all but fun. In this video Dima explores how the tea ceremony and good tea can help you quit or reduce alcohol use by studying the technique of using a good habit to replace bad habit.

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00:10 Tea helps to cope with alcohol addiction
00:17 An interior of the biggest tea hub
00:25 Tea experience
00:55 Welcome to gunfucha ceremony in our club
01:11 Things for the tea ceremony
01:50 Tea ceremony as magic
02:26 Not stop but replace your habit
03:37 Tea as the culture
03:56 Gaba Oolong tea
04:00 Tea as the moment for rallying friends
04:40 Advantages of drinking tea alone
05:47 Alcohol vs. tea benefit
06:19 Dima’s tea recommendations for your tea journey start
07:15 Tea fits you
07:24 MoyChay on social media
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