A beginners perspective on tea and Dutch tea culture | Tea Talks

Today Fien, one of our first tea guides, and Dima talk about the beginnings of our project in the Netherlands: how is it to adopt a completely new tea culture and grow it in a country that's mostly centred around coffee? Well, for Fien it sometimes felt almost like a cult experience, but in the end tea can also act as a cultural connector! In the video, we share our unique experiences and show the what went on inside Moychay before launch.

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00:00 Intro
00:14 Fien introduces herself
00:30 How did we start Moychay NL
01:27 Introduction of the tea we will be drinking
02:11 More about GABA tea
02:42 Fien’s thoughts about tea culture
03:05 Fien’s first impression when she started working with us
03:48 Visitors and their reactions
04:43 The depth of tea culture
04:58 Is it hard to describe the aroma of teas?
06:18 Tea and a personal transformation
07:20 Tea is for all ages
08:34 The ways to develop your receptors for tea
09:42 Tea degustation
10:04 Fien’s tea discoveries in tea culture this past year
11:37 Conclusion
Written by Moychay blog
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