Crafted teaware artistry by Tineke van Gils

Tineke van Gils, a Dutch ceramic artist, excels in combining potter's wheel techniques and creating intricate porcelain teapots.

Her teapots, both sculptural and functional, took her to China, where she crafted 100 unique porcelain teapots for a solo show in Shanghai, invited by Dehua, the porcelain capital. She later created more distinctive teapots in Jingdezhen, invited by Prinsenhof Museum Delft.

Tineke's unique touch on porcelain shines through her "dancing with clay" method on the potter's wheel. She skillfully merges tradition and innovation, seeking precision through simplified techniques while preserving spontaneity. Her fired pieces radiate plasticity and vitality.



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You can find the collection of teaware made by Tineke here.


Written by Anna Leona
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