Wild Ancient tea tree Ya bao, Vietnam, Feb 2023

€22,50 / 50g
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5 s 90°C 6 g

This tea is similar to raw pu-erhs, but it is much less oxidized. That’s why this tea should not be stored for a long time. Drink it fresh and enjoy!


Taste and aroma

Ya Bao tea is lighter than leaf tea. 

It has nearly “compote” sweet taste with a tint of sour taste which turns into astringency.

The aroma is fruity and light.

General information

This loose tea is produced from white tips.  Ya Bao is made according to white tea-producing technology. The raw material has open tips and usually, these tips get frozen on the trees. Such material is not suitable for premium white pu-erh, but it is perfect for Ya Bao producing.