Tie Guanyin Guizhou oolong

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5 s 90°C 5 g

Tie GuanYin Guizhou oolong from Autumn 2022 Harvest

Visual appreciation

The dry leaf of this Guizhou green tea reveals pale green twisted and rolled leaves, showcasing the craftsmanship involved in its production.

As you inhale the aroma of the dry leaf, a vegetal yet gentle floral scent envelops your senses. The fragrance is reminiscent of freshly plucked leaves with a delicate floral undertone, setting the stage for the tea's flavor profile.

Upon brewing, the tea liquor takes on a light green hue, reminiscent of spring foliage. The gentle color invites you to indulge in the refreshing qualities of this light oolong.

Tea drinking expereince

When sipping this tea, the texture reveals itself as thin, smooth anf delicate. Prepare to be delighted by the light floral flavors accompanied by a subtle hint of acidity withing first 3 brews. 

The finish is marked by a tingly and astringent sensation that lingers on the palate. The slight astringency adds a refreshing element to the overall experience, leaving a clean and invigorating aftertaste.

Indulging in this oolong tea from Guizhou  brings a refreshing and uplifting sensation to the body. The energizing qualities of the tea invigorate the senses, providing a revitalizing experience.


Originating from Liping county in Guizhou province, China, this light oolong tea embodies the distinct characteristics of the region. We have received this batch from the tea farmer Ou Bang who is enthousiastic about green teas and loves to experiment with technologies. 

The tea is crafted using whole leaf plucking, ensuring the inclusion of intact leaves that capture the essence and flavors of the tea.

Brewing suggestions

  • Brew tea with hot water (95°С) in a porcelain gaiwan.
  • The proportion is 5 g per 100 ml.
  • The time of the first steeping is about 2-5 seconds.
  • After that do short steeps (just for 2-3 seconds), increasing steeping time for each subsequent step, if necessary.
  • You can repeat this method up to 6 times.