Tea experience set


The best option is to familiarize yourself with our assortment of different types of teas!

By purchasing this set, you get the opportunity to find out and taste a large amount of tea without unnecessary expenses, to find exactly what kind of tea do you like the most!

All teas are packaged in 25 g packs.

The set includes:

  • 2 types of Shu pu-erh Fish and Earth Shu Puer - 25 g and Jin Zhen Shu Cha  25 g, 
  • Sheng pu-erh Magic Spring (Shaixing Menghai Sheng cha) 25 g,
  • 2 types of Black (red) tea Shengtai Maofeng 25 g and Gaba Assam Hong Cha, Thailand (winter 2022) 25 g, 
  • Green tea Curly green 25 g,
  • Gaba oolong Chiang Rai gaba oolong - 25 g, 
  • Light oolong Tie guanyin guizhou - 25 g, 
  • White tea Exclusive Dutch White tea 25g.