Purple Pleasure (Zi Juan Cha, 2020)

€11,00 / 50g

 Purple Pleasure, also known as Zi Juan Cha, is a type of Sheng Cha that undergoes minimal artificial fermentation. Its unique purple color is derived from natural mutations in its young leaves and buds, caused by changes in temperature. These mutations lead to an increase in anthocyanin pigments, giving the tea a beautiful purple hue.

In recent years, some tea manufacturers have taken an interest in this rare and flavorful variety, with some claiming that the purple buds are superior to the traditional white buds.

Despite its high cost, tea lovers appreciate the extraordinary taste and natural freshness of Purple Pleasure, which is sometimes referred to as Graceful Purple, Purple buds, or Purple Tea.

Its rarity makes it almost impossible to find as a Sheng Cha, but some tea producers use the Dianhong technique to produce a unique flavor and aroma. Like all teas, the taste and quality of Purple Pleasure depend on the tea tree, soil, and processing methods used.


This high-grade Purple Pu’er has a mild, juicy, and sweet taste without even a hint of sourness.