Puer Beginners Set


Are you new to Puer teas?

We have an option is to familiarize yourself with our assortment of puer teas!

By purchasing such a set, you get the opportunity to taste different types of pu-erhs  to find exactly what you like!

The set includes different types of pu-erh:

Shu pu-erhs: 

  1. Gaba Shu Cha (Gaba shu puer, 2020)  25 g,
  2. Hope this finds you well,  25 g, 
  3. Fish and Earth Shu puer, 25 g
  4. Shu xiao 1 px

Sheng pu-erh:

  1. Dao Sheng Cha (2018) 25 g, 
  2. Youji Menghai Sheng Cha (2021) 25 g,
  3. Magic Spring (Shaiqing Menghai Sheng, 2022), 25 g.
  4. Purple Pleasure (Zi Juan Cha) 25 g
  5. Xiao Dashu Sheng Cha, Sheng Xiao Qiu Raw -1 px of each