Nightmares and Miracles by Alberto Poma

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Allen is mad. A celestial parasite of consciousness haunts his sanity, forcing him onto a redemptive unwanted journey.

Fitz is supremely glad and happy, until he isn’t anymore and discover a whole new dimension of love. His obsession with tea remains his only comfort and certainty as he wanders through a confusing and beautiful world.

Ananda seeks her long-ago lost companion of multiple reincarnations to continue pursuing together the arcane recipe of Soma, the mythical substance which makes gods out of men.

The three are connected in ways that transcend the details of their stories: the three are parts of me and parts of us, hankering after healing, on a voyage towards union and understanding.

Aurelius, the burly bald blind tea-master, meantime, is busy boiling water, ready to brew a tea that ought to be the elixir for the disease of our days. But, if tea is the medicine, what is the sickness of our society?