Shui Ping Yixing teapot # 91227 130 ml


The Shui Ping teapot, famously known as the "Horizontal Teapot."  or "Water Level," has a fascinating history closely tied to the Gongfu tea culture in southern China. When brewing Gongfu tea, a compact teapot is filled with a generous amount of tea leaves and hot water.

However, extracting the full flavor of the tea can be difficult due to the limited water volume and abundant tea leaves. To speed up the infusion process, skilled tea enthusiasts from Fujian and Guangdong regions developed a method called "hot water rinsing."

They would place the teapot in a tea sea or bowl and repeatedly pour hot water over its surface. Interestingly, they noticed that certain teapots would gracefully float in the water without tilting, displaying remarkable stability and balance. This observation led to the name "Shui Ping," meaning "Horizontal Teapot," as these teapots became known for their exceptional stability and balance. Over time, the term "Shui Ping" became synonymous with this specific teapot shape.


Design of the Shui Ping Teapot

The classical Shui Ping teapot boasts a circular foot, oval body, looped handle, straight spout, and spherical knob. Its lid is specially designed with a joint line, creating a perfect fit when closed - the upper part thicker and lower part thinner.

The defining feature is its unique design: the upward-facing spout, along with the mouth and handle, align perfectly on a horizontal line. This prevents water from flowing back into the pot and keeps the teapot stable when immersed in a tea tray or bowl.



Volume 130 ml
Height 6.5 cm
Width: 11.5 cm