Han Wa Yixing teapot # 91231 170 ml


The Han Wa teapot, draws inspiration from the "Wadang" architectural element of the Han Dynasty. "Wadang" is a cultural symbol and means "tile" in English.

The Han Wa teapot is designed based on the shape of Han Dynasty tiles, paying homage to their distinctive form and cultural significance.

Wadang – 瓦当

Design Of Han Wa Teapot


The Han Wa teapot has a simplistic, antique, and solemn appearance. However, upon closer examination, it reveals a deep sense of historical changes.

Unlike other teapot designs, the Han Wa teapot has a straight cylindrical body and a wide lid, similar to a teacup without a spout. This feature not only makes it easy to pour tea, but also simplifies the cleaning process, making it a practical choice for tea lovers. As a result, the Han Wa teapot has gained popularity among tea enthusiasts.


Suitable Tea For Han Wa

The Han Wa teapot, with its wide lid and cylindrical body, is an excellent choice for brewing large bricks of puer tea. However, it is also suitable for brewing other types of tea such as oolong tea, black tea, red tea, and white tea. 


  • Volume 170 ml
  • Height 6 cm
  • Width: 13.5 cm