Georgian White Tea Brick (2023), 73g

7 s 95°C 8 g

Hand picked and hand processed at our tea factory in Ozurgeti, Georgia in June 2023.

Visual appreciation

At first glance, the dry leaves of this tea exhibit a stunning display of layered thick leaves, reminiscent of nori green seaweed with beautiful brownish tones. As you inhale the aroma, notes of hay and dry leaves gently waft through the air, evoking a sense of nature's tranquility.

Tea drinking experience

Upon infusion, the wet tea leaves release an enticing bouquet, reminiscent of the soft and delicate scent of birch. This adds a unique touch to the overall experience, transporting you to the heart of Georgia's picturesque tea fields landscapes.

The tea liquor, with its yellowish hue and light amber tones, invites you to savor its creamy, soft, and thick texture. Discover the mineral notes mingling with the essence of boiled asparagus and a hint of chicory.

As you reach the end of your cup, the empty vessel exudes the comforting fragrance of wheat, reminding you of the agricultural heritage of Georgia. The finish on your palate leaves a subtle dryness, gently tantalizing your taste buds and inviting further exploration.


The Georgian White Tea Brick  is perfect for those who desire a balanced and subtle flavor for everyday tea consumption.