Georgian Hongbei (Baked) Gaba Red Tea, October 2023

€13,50 / 50g
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6 s 100°C 6 g

This exceptional tea is the result of meticulous craftsmanship by Sergey Shevelev processed at the Moychay Georgia tea farm. Hand-processed limited edition batch represents the pinnacle of tea craftmanship

What sets this tea apart is its unique baking process in a Hongbei (hot oven), a technique known for imparting a distinctive biscuit-roasted flavor. The result is a tea that exudes a rich, warming aroma and a taste profile that's both bold and sophisticated, reminiscent of freshly baked biscuits straight from the oven.

With its limited availability, this tea offers a rare opportunity to savor a cup of tea that captures the essence of Georgian tea culture and the passion of our founder Sergey Shevelev.