Emeishan Longjing Green Tea, 40g

5 s 85°C 4 g

One of the most famous Chinese green teas is Longjing, also known as Dragon Well tea. It gets its name from a real well in the Longjing village near Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. However, this tea is also produced in Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou, and other provinces of China

. One of the best Longjing teas from outside the original area is from Emeishan, one of the few Sacred Mountains of China, known for its history related to Buddhism and its stunning natural beauty. For the harvesting of Longjing green tea, only young buds of the tea bush are used. 

Traditionally, Longjing is processed by hand. After a short withering, the master roasts the tea leaves on a pan, constantly pressing them a bit to give them a flat shape. Nowadays, technology has changed to modern methods, and machines attempt to imitate the same process. Longjing tea offers a complex taste experience, blending bitter notes with sweetness in a balanced manner. Its aroma is enriched by organic compounds released during brewing, contributing to its soothing appeal. The combination of botanical ingredients creates a multi-layered sensory experience, engaging both taste and smell.