Bada Shiyou Shu Puer, Moychay (Harvest 2019, pressed in 2023) 100g

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100-gram tea cake of medium density, effortlessly separates into small, brown, curled leaves and reddish buds. The aroma is restrained, woody with a fruity note. The infusion is dark red-brown in color.

The bouquet of the ready-made tea is mature, multifaceted, nutty and woody, with fruity, autumnal and wine notes. The aroma is deep and warm, nutty. The taste is dense, soft, sweetish, slightly spicy, with a slight bitterness of cocoa beans, sourness of dry berries and a velvety aftertaste.

Steep the tea in a hot water (95°C) in a teapot of porous clay. The proportion is 7 g per 100 ml. The time of the first steeping is about 15 seconds. Then, starting with an exposure of 2-3 seconds and increasing the time to 3 minutes, you can steep the tea 8 times.

"Bada Shiyou" is a great choice to boost your daytime energy.