One month after opening the first Tea Club in Amsterdam! | Tea in the Tulips

Sergey and Dima talk about the opening of the first Tea Culture Club in Europe, and more specifically in Amsterdam!
Find out about the struggles we had when opening, and explore how the Dutch broke stereotypes which first seemed unbreakable (hint: The Netherlands is not just a coffee-country!).

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00:00 Greetings from Sergey and Dmitry. Tasting a Rare Oriental Beauty tea from Thailand
01:00 How did opening the first Tea Culture Club of the Netherlands go?
02:05 Is tea culture developed in Europe?
3:12 Who are the guests of the tea club?
4:30 One cup of tea is the best advertisement!
6:00 Experimenting with tea cocktails, the teapuccino and the teaspresso.
7:35 Change of location. Drinking Pu-erh by the Dutch sea .
7:53 What do teaheads like to drink in the Netherlands?
9:20 Our one of the most expensive teapots made by a Taiwanese master. What makes it so special?
12:35 What kind of tea were our guests excited about?
13:50 Our collaboration with one of the first Dutch tea farms.
14:35 About discovering more European tea and working on our tea assortment.
15:50 We are open for feedback!
Written by Moychay blog
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