Vera van de Nieuwenhof - cultural connections through tea

In this episode we have a warm conversation with Vera van de Nieuwenhof who had a unique experience of having a long bike-trip across Asia. We talk about her adventure, experience of interaction with tea culture and her views on the importance of tea-drinking traditions

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00:00:00 Introduction. Who is Vera van de Nieuwenhof?
00:02:17 Architecture with intention. PechaKucha
00:04:10 Where did the idea of a long adventure by bike come from? Meeting tea culture
00:08:00 What is the role of tea in Vera’s life?
00:11:00 Tea culture in the Netherlands
00:12:00 What makes Chinese tea drinking so special?
00:15:50 How did Vera learn more about Chinese tea? What is the most difficult part of tea learning?
00:18:14 What is the most fascinating part of tea culture?
00:19:25 How can tea affect people’s life and culture?
00:24:34 Did Vera have any special experiences during her bike trip?
00:27:23 Interesting aspects of cross-cultural communication
00:30:28 What is the project that Vera is working on now?
00:32:44 Cultural life in Kunming
00:35:35 Conclusion
Written by Moychay blog