Welcome to Moychay.nl | The first Tea Culture Club in the Netherlands

Welcome to Moychay.nl the first tea club in the Netherlands
Tea as you have never experienced before.
For the past 11 years, we have been searching for the best aromas, tastes and cultivars we could find all across the world

Now we have more than 100 teas in stock from 11 countries (with new teas arriving monthly), plantations in Russia and Georgia, our own wood-fired handmade teaware from Russia, and the biggest collection of teaware in the Netherlands!

Our assortment is available in our club at the Rozengracht 92H in Amsterdam, as well as online.

Reach us at:
Web: moychay.nl
Instagram: www.instagram.com/moychay.nl
Facebook: www.facebook.com/moychaynl
Contact us: hi@moychay.nl
WhatsApp: +31625395868
Written by Moychay blog
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