White tea from Zhenghe Fujian BaiCha

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In this video, we travel to a fascinating tea factory in Zhenghe, where they have managed to reconstruct the tradition of manual white tea production, and adorn the factory with Chinese antiques in accordance with the laws of feng shui and taiji. What kind of tea would we get to taste there?..

White tea (白茶, baycha) belongs to the class of weakly fermented teas (degree of fermentation is 5-7%). Its manufacturing technology is similar to medicinal herbs: after plucking, tea buds and leaves are laid out in a thin layer on wickers and dried either in the diffused sunlight, or in the shade, under a canopy. If the sun is not enough to evaporate moisture from the leaf, it is dried with hot air at the final stage. Due to the lack of frying and twisting, in white tea the maximum amount of useful substances inherent by nature is preserved. Baicha is a champion in the content of antioxidants.

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