Taiwaneese Tea Clubs Big Review!

The video by Sergey Shevelev takes viewers on a diverse journey through Taiwanese tea culture, exploring a myriad of tea houses, tea bars, and the unique ways in which tea is integrated into local customs and contemporary innovations.


The journey includes visits to various establishments that offer a wide range of teas, from traditional selections like Oriental Beauty and aged oolong to modern twists with tea-infused beer and tea-related products like cheesecake with tea flavors. 



Sergey provides insights into presentation and storage of teas, the importance of quality over appearance, and the special experiences offered by each place, such as drinking from antique porcelain or enjoying tea amidst European antiques in Gaun City. The exploration covers the spectrum from bubble tea shops with a focus on natural, high-quality ingredients to cozy, homey tea houses where tea is brewed with traditional methods, emphasizing the personal touch and the rich cultural heritage behind Taiwanese tea.


 Through his journey, Sergey delves into the evolving landscape of tea consumption in Taiwan, highlighting the fusion of tradition and innovation, the wide-ranging approaches to tea brewing and serving, and the universal appreciation for the nuanced flavors and experiences tea offers.


Have good time watching it!




Written by Anna Leona