New Arrivals: Premium Matcha and Japanese Sencha Now Available!

We're happy to share the news: our latest selections of Japanese teas, including the much-anticipated premium matcha and sencha, are now available for purchase on our website. As enthusiasts of Japanese tea culture, we invite you to explore the rich flavors and deep traditions that these teas bring to the table.


Premium Matcha

Sourced directly from the lush tea fields of Japan, our premium matcha stands out with its vibrant green color and smooth, rich taste. Perfect for both traditional tea ceremonies and daily enjoyment, this matcha is a must-try for tea enthusiasts seeking a high-quality, energizing brew.


Japanese Sencha

Experience the refreshing clarity of our Japanese sencha. Known for its delicate balance of sweetness and slight bitterness, this sencha is harvested with care to preserve its light, invigorating flavor. Ideal for those who appreciate a subtle, yet complex tea experience.



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Written by Anna Leona