New Arrival: Fresh Sencha and Matcha Teas!
We're excited to introduce our latest collection of premium Japanese teas. We planned to expand our collection with single cultivar varieties of sencha and matcha so now we have them in stock available 😍.

Explore our new arrivals and find you favourite!

In our assortiment of Japanese Teas you will find new positions:
Shincha single cultuvar Tsuyuhikari: Fresh, vibrant
Matcha single cultuvarTsuyuhikari: Smooth, rich
Matcha single cultivar Saemidori: Delicate, sweet
Moychay Hojicha: Roasted, mellow
Uji Ceremonial Matcha: Premium, ceremonial
Kabuse Yamanoibuki: Shade-grown, umami
Genmaicha Powder: Nutty, toasted
Chiran Sencha Powder: Bright, grassy
Culinary Matcha 2nd Grade: Versatile, rich, functional

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Written by Anna Leona