July Tea of the Month - 30% Discount!

Discover our exquisite selection of teas for the month of July, now available at a special discounted price of 30%. Treat yourself to these unique flavors and experience the art of tea.

Gaoji Song Zhen ("Top Grade Pine Needles") - A delicate green tea from Guizhou province, harvested in early March from the first spring buds of 2021. Its thin, pointed green buds and fresh, floral-herbaceous fragrance create a truly refreshing experience. Steep this tea in hot water (70-80°C) using a porcelain gaiwan for best results.

Thai Gaba Oolong - Indulge in the flavors of this exceptional tea produced by tea farmers from Wawi village in Changrai district. With its red-brown, twisted tea shoots and intensive fruity-and-berry aroma, this tea offers a delightful experience. Brew it in hot water (85-90°C) using a gaiwan or porous clay teapot to enhance its unique qualities.

Exclusive Dutch White Tea - This experimental batch from a tea farm in North Brabant combines large, greenish and purple-brown leaves to create a refined and soft taste. The tea's floral-herbaceous bouquet, delicate berry sourness, and refreshing finish make it an exceptional choice. Steep it in hot water (90-95°C) using a porcelain gaiwan or porous clay teapot.

Thai Gui Fei High Grade - Experience the vivid, charming, and positive qualities of this ceremonial grade tea. Its fine brownish-carmine-green lumps of tea leaves, combined with floral, fruity, and confectionery nuances, create a luxurious aroma. Enjoy the light, silky texture and pleasant honey-floral aftertaste. Brew with near-boiling water (98°C) in a gaiwan or porous clay teapot.

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Happy Tea Tasting!


Written by Anna Leona