Best 5 teas to make cold brew

What kind of tea is best for cold brew ?

 ✅White tea 

Delicate and aromatic, white tea leaves bring a lovely perfume to cold brew and a touch of creaminess. The resulting taste is rather light but extremely refreshing.

We recommend trying Crystal White for a smooth and subtle yet refreshing cold brew.

✅Green Tea

Good green tea is all about fresh, clean flavors and aroma, and its grassy backbone takes extremely well to cold brew

Unlike Chinese-style teas, Japanese greens are steamed to halt the oxidation process, which emphasizes their vegetal notes and brings out complementary hints of pine, melon, and alpine air. 

Best choice for cold brew:


For cold brew we prefer the relatively lighter roasts you'll find in roasted high mountains oolongs from Taiwan, but some lighter fermented oolongs from Thailand create a buttery, floral indulgence, too☺️

You can cold brew any tea, and the process generally reduces the caffeine content by half of any tea you use. The result is a smooth, easy to drink tea that's calming and refreshing.

Our choice:

We wish you refreshing experiments🍵

Written by Anna Leona