A Journey Through the Flavors of Vietnam and Thailand: Our Exclusive Tea Production

The Tea Forest Project, an initiative of Moychay based in Northern Thailand and Northern Vietnam, exemplifies an example of conservation and high-quality tea production. Our initiative champions the preservation of wild rainforests, promoting biodiversity, sustainability, and socially responsible practices. By engaging local "hill tribe" communities in our operations, the project not only supports environmental conservation but also contributes to social wellbeing.


Central to the project's ethos is the unique opportunity for individuals to directly participate in conservation efforts. Through adopting a tea tree, joining the "tree care" program, supporters can immerse themselves in the journey from leaf to cup. This hands-on approach fosters a deeper connection between the consumer and the origin of their tea, highlighting the project's commitment to transparency and community involvement.



The teas produced under this project, particularly those from Vietnam as showcased on Moychay.nl, stand out for their exclusivity and rich flavor profiles. These teas, cultivated in the unique climatic and geographical conditions of Northern Vietnam, offer a taste experience that is both distinctive and deeply rooted in the region's tea culture.

Embracing principles of organic agriculture and fair employment, the Tea Forest Project serves as a model for how businesses can contribute to environmental conservation and social equity. By purchasing these teas, consumers not only enjoy a premium product but also support a model of sustainable and responsible business.


About our Vietnamese teas

Vietnamese tea is renowned for its unique flavor and aromatic properties, making it a must-try for tea enthusiasts. Its distinguishing characteristics include a traditional bitterness and astringency that, combined with other notes, create a complex taste and aroma. However, it should not be consumed on an empty stomach or before bed due to its stimulating components.

Vietnam is a leading tea producer, exporting globally, with increasing sales annually. Tea festivals and fairs are regularly held across its provinces. The teas, grown in the unique conditions of ancient wild tea forests and old gardens, possess a distinctive character, with recent introductions like Qing Xin Oolong from Vietnam, Wild Ancient Tree Shoots, Vietnamese Shen Puer from old trees, and Red Vietnamese tea from old trees standing out for their rich profiles.


The list of teas to try from Vietnam on Moychay.nl :

Sheng Vietnam from ancient trees

Green tea from ancient tea trees, Vietnam, (two leaf one bud)

 Dragon claw, December 2023, Vietnam wild tea tree buds

Vietnam Sheng Cha Gushu


About our Thai teas


Tea is not native to Thailand, and historically, Thailand was not known for producing tea. However, in recent years, there has been a growing interest in tea cultivation in various regions of Thailand, and the country is now starting to establish itself as a producer of high-quality tea.

One of the most prominent tea-growing regions in Thailand is in the northern part of the country, near the border with Myanmar. This region, which includes the provinces of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Mae Hong Son, is known for its high-altitude mountains, cool climate, and rich soil, which provide ideal conditions for growing tea.

The list of teas to try from Thailand on Moychay.nl:

Tea Forest Project Wild Assamica SHENG PUER tea (batch 11.2022, limited edition) 357 g

Tea Forest Project Wild Assamica RED GABA tea (batch 11.2022, limited edition) 357g

Thailand green tea cake (200g)

Thai Gaba Oolong


We process teas at our own tea production factory so we can control the quality and the standards. 

For those interested in supporting or learning more about this innovative approach to tea production and forest conservation, further details can be accessed on the project's website https://teaforestproject.com/home 

Written by Anna Leona