TPOΠΟΣ004 - Hyperlistening, 12”EP vinyl

The term hyperlistening has in recent years figured prominently in various domains of science and art. Our understanding of this term can be summed up by the following formulation:
Hyperlistening is an intentional act whereby psychological attunement of the listening function takes place. As a result, the actuality of sound as a physical phenomenon is overshadowed by the poetically apprehensive interpretation of sonic dynamics, leading to an immersive state of awareness, which at its peak emancipates the listener from ontological and epistemological boundaries.

The material published on this record is offered to the hyperlistener as a sonic phenomenon. It is comprised of recordings capturing the acoustic emissions of certain living creatures. These sounds have a specific a quasi rhythmic periodicity, which might be considered a ubiquitous pulse. We wish a fruitful hyperlistening experiment.