Pressed tea cake "Da Hong Pao"(Da Hong Pao Meidong), 50 g

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100% large-leaf Da Hong Pao Meidong Tea (Camellia Sinensis) China.

A big Red robe from Maiden. Tea is pressed into a tile divided into 8 portions for convenience. A calming effect, intoxicating with its sobriety.

The bouquet of ready-made tea is warm, but the bread is spicy, with notes of dried fruits and toasted bread crust. The aroma is deep, bread-spicy, cold aroma – delicate, fruit-biscuit. The taste is soft, oily, slightly spicy, with a slight minerality and a subtle fruity sourness. Pleasant, refreshing aftertaste. Relaxing effect at a low dosage.

Break off 1 slice per tea pot or thermos 500 ml, pour hot water 90 c, wait 5 minutes. It is brewed repeatedly.

High-quality, delicious tea for everyday tea drinking, with due attention, will perfectly cope with the solo party in the tea ceremony.