Meng Ding Huang Ya (Yellow Buds from Mengding Mountain), 2021

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Mengding Mountains tea producing culture is more then 2000 years old. The first tea garden was set here during West Han Dynasty (II century BC). Since VIII century Mengding “Tea of Immortals” had been included into Imperial tribute list and next twelve centuries it was being delivered to the Emperors court. Now days Mengding tea masters are proud to be able to produce any tea variety. They really produce tea as an art. At the end of XX century they mastered the “yellow stewing” technology. The producing process includes the enveloping tea in special paper and long-lasting warming over hot charcoals covered in ash. The result is great. A new famous China tea variety appeared. This is “Yellow Buds from Mengding Mountain”.

The dry tea consists of large, thin, accurate spiky buds of olive-green color. The aroma is fresh, with herbal and floral tones. The liquor has light wheat color.

The bouquet of brewed tea is fresh with herbal, floral, berry and milky tones. The aroma is tender with caramel and floral overtones. The taste is fresh, sweet, rich, with bright sour nuance, with no bitterness and astringency. The aftertaste is mysterious.

Infuse this tea in porcelain or glazed ceramic gaiwan, glass teapot. Take 2-3 grams for 100 ml volume vessel. Rinse tea with hot water, make short infusion for a second and increase the infusion time gradually with each next brewing. It goes 8 infusions. This is a magnificent ceremonial tea for special occasions of tea mood. It has a relaxing, meditative effect and opens mind.