Green Tea Beginners Set


A wonderful gift for both beginners and green tea connoisseurs.

The set includes varieties that differ in the type of raw material: buds, leaves, flashes (a bud and two leaves), as well as a variety of ready-made tea bouquet - with herbal-floral, berry and bread notes. Ideal for learning about the variety of flavors and aromas of green tea.

 The set includes teas packaged in 25 grams:

  1. Hei chu hao 25 g,
  2. Curly Green 25 g, 
  3. Okuyame Sencha 25 g, 
  4. Song Zhen Lü Cha 25 g,
  5. Exclusive Dutch Green tea 2.0 25 g,
  6. Green tea from ancient tea trees, Vietnam, (two leaf one bud) 25 g.