Bai Yin Shan Gushu Sheng Cha

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“Baiyin Shan Gushu'' is a lovely young sheng pu-erh. It is smooth, multifaceted and vibrant. Besides that, it also contains high energy for long-term storage and development.


Visual description

Dry leaf: large, twisted tea tips with long cuttings.

The aroma is intensive and floral-herbaceous.

The infusion is transparent, with a shade of white grapes.

Taste and aroma

The bouquet of the ready-made tea is fresh and vibrant, herbaceous, with floral, nutty, balsamic and fruity notes.

The aroma is tender, floral-balsamic.

The taste is refined, full-bodied, oily and sweetish, with a delicate fruity sourness, spicy nuances and lingering finish.

General information

“Baiyin Shan Gushu" (“Ancient Trees of Baiyin Mountain") was made in the spring of 2020 in Lincang County (Northwest Tea Region of Yunnan Province).

Brewing method

Steep the tea in a hot water (80-90°C) in a gaiwan or a teapot made of porous clay. The proportion is 5-6 g per 100 ml. The time of the first infusion is about 10 seconds. After that do short infusions (just for 1-2 seconds) increasing the infusion time for each subsequent step, if necessary. You can steep the tea up to approximately 10 times.