Singing Bowl Meditation Chakra Healing in Amsterdam Tea Club

This Monday we had an interview with an amazing Valeriya Vergunova.
We spoke about the crystal singing bowls and mindful lifestyle. Hope you going to enjoy and see you in Amsterdam at Rozegracht 92

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00:00 Backstage
00:31 Greeting
01:00 Tea brewing and mindfulness
01:11 Singing crystal bowls for your body balance
02:10 Quartz as singing bowl material
03:00 White quartz as a conductor to the Higher Self
03:10 Why the quartz for meditation
04:14 Impact of the crystal bowls on chakras
04:45 Preparing for listening to the bowls
06:00 The best tea for this type of conversation
06:17 Why Ruby Gaba Oolong
07:24 One tea and many flavour notes
08:23 Tea as a way to induce all our sensors
09:38 The Amsterdam Tea club as a place for your consciousness
10:40 Combination of mindful drinking and mindful listening
12:12 Teapuccino or tea ceremony? Two sides of tea in the one place
12:45 Sounds of singing bowls for relax
14:12 Announcement of a separate singing bowls sounding video
14;50 All things we are surrounded by have their own sounds
15:20 Human organs and their resonance
16:56 Advice for mindful lifestyle
17:41 Valeria about singing bowls influence on her own
18:25 Follow us
Written by Moychay blog
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