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00:00:00 Introduction. What is a traditional Chinese ceremony?
00:04:05 Tasting Georgian green tea
00:07:25 What is white tea? Some aspects of tea-making technology
00:11:47 Water temperature and tea brewing
00:15:18 Tasting Thai GABA tea. The importance of craftsmanship in tea making
00:17:38 Some aspects of tea ceremony styles
00:20:58 The importance of water quality for tea-making
00:25:19 Oolongs and other kinds of tea
00:30:59 The time of day and tea drinking
00:33:30 The importance of experience in the tea culture
00:34:30 Good temperature for different types of tea
00:38:55 Tea ceremony and simple tea drinking
00:43:00 Da Hong Pao tea
00:47:40 Wuyishan Oolongs
00:50:16 Working with China in the times of COVID
00:50:47 Looking for new teas and experiences
00:53:27 Steeping time and the number of brews
00:55:17 Tasting tea samples from Taiwan
01:01:16 Sheng Pu’erh tea. The oldest kind of tea
01:08:25 Aged teas
01:17:42 How tea brings people together
01:24:09 Why the tea vessels are small?
01:25:22 Tasting an aged tea from 1938
01:30:21 Drinking tea alone or with a company of friends
01:32:57 Experiments and tea-drinking traditions
01:40:02 Trying an aged Sheng Pu’erh from 1963
01:45:30 Variety of traditions and cultures in China
01:48:26 Does tea culture develop and change?
01:50:51 Conclusion

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