Thai oolong tea from old tea trees, autumn 2020

$8.00 / 50g

"Thailand Oolong tea from old tea trees" was picked and made in the north of the Kingdom of Thailand in autumn 2020. It was made using the originally Taiwanese chin-hsin cultivar (TRES #17) which was one of the earliest to be imported to Thailand from Taiwan. The tea leaves undergo light fermentation by repeated rolling, and roasting above coals. 

In appearance: medium-sized, mixed yellow-green to emerald-green pellets of twisted tea shoots. The aroma is intense, fresh, vegetal and floral-fruity. The liquor is transparent, light greenish-golden in colour.

The bouquet of the brewed tea is fresh and multifaceted, fruity, with apricot, cucumber, jasmine and woody nuances. The aroma is lingering, sweet and affectionate. The taste is herbaceous, full-bodied and silky, sweetish, with floral and red-berry tartness, transforming into a refreshing, somewhat peachy aftertaste.

After a quick rinse, brew the tea with hot near-boiling water (98°C) in a porcelain gaiwan or a teapot of porous clay. The proportion is 4-5 g per 100 ml. The time for the first infusion is about 3-5 seconds. After that do short flash-steeps, increasing brewing time for each subsequent attempt - to taste. You can repeat this up to 10 times or as long as the tea provides flavour and aroma.

"Thailand Oolong tea from old tea trees" is an excellent highland northern Thai tea with a classic qing-xian (light oolong fermentation) flavour profile. The right choice to relieve tension and fatigue, relax your muscles, hydrate your body, soothe the mind and refresh perception.