Tea meditation with Niina / Feb 16th from 11-12:30


The tea meditation event is a mindful experience based on the traditional bowl tea ceremony. We’ll gather in a serene and peaceful setting, inviting you to slow down and focus on the present moment with the support of high grade ceremonial tea.

The ceremony begins with preparing the tea, which is done with careful attention and intention. Then you’ll be invited to engage all your senses as you sip the tea, noticing its aroma, taste, and texture.

As we drink, we will practice letting go of any distractions or worries and simply be present with the tea and the surroundings. Through this practice, we cultivate a sense of calm and tranquility and gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty and simplicity of everyday life.


When: 16th of February from 11-12:30

Where: Moychay.nl Amsterdam Tea Culture Club

Price: 25eu