Pin Cha Full- Guided Experience (30 minutes of guidance)


Pin Cha:

Pin Cha translates from Mandarin as "to taste tea", and you can do exactly that at our Tea Culture Club in Amsterdam! You will choose a tea from our collection together with one of our tea guide, and he or she will show you how to brew that tea the best way. 

After choosing a tea, your tea guide will show you our 3 ceremony rooms and after taking a seat on the comfortable carpet, you will have time to enjoy the taste, smell and aesthetics of the tea ceremony.

The tea guide will be with you for 20-30 minutes to tell you all about the culture, mythology and the best way to enjoy your chosen tea. After this introduction, you will know how to prepare tea with the Gong Fu method and you will be able to enjoy the company of your guests while brewing your own tea.

In the note to the order write the date/time that you would like to book a tea ceremony.