Manual production of Sheng Puer on the Yi Wu. Puer Tea in bamboo tubes and tea farmers.

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The Sheng Puer in bamboo is a very special method of making Puer tea. The masters prepare special moulds from bamboo and stuff it with the tea leaves. Then the last stage is roasting on the red coals, similar to kaocha production method. The storing of tea in bamboo is very simple and convenient. The next point of our tour is tea harvesting in Yunnan. It has its own nuances to be considered while gathering leaves. The roasting stage is also very interesting and has its particularities. It’s very important to keep ones back straight and combine the process of roasting with some rest and spinal exercises. After the work is done it’s time to taste the freshly made tea. It has a very special aroma and a strong relaxing effect to release the fatigue

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